Pawing through the Alphabet

E is for Ears

What’s that I hear? There are names for all those different size and shape ears! For some reason I find this fascinating. Without names, I’d just describe ears as droopy, pointy or furry. Now…I can call them by name. 
Bat Ears— large and upright

Round tipped ears— large, upright and rounded tips
Button ears— upright and folded over at the top
Prick ears –upright, pointed
Cocked ears— prick ear, folded at the tip
Drop ears— hang down
Folded ears–drop ears that hang in folds
Hooded ears— curve inward on the edges
Rose ears— small drop ear that folds backwards

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To add to the fun (hey! It’s fun to me!) leave a note in the comments and let me know which type of ears your dog has. I want to see which type of ear is the most common…at least, the most common reader of this blog!