Thanks for hopping over and joining the Easter Rabbit Adoptathon, hosted by All Things Dog Blog.

If you’ve done your research and are ready for a special long-eared pet, or are considering one for the future, save a rabbit and rescue one from a shelter. (Or wait until after Easter when many more impulse-purchased Easter bunnies have been abandoned in shelters.) Grab a carrot and check out these bunnies, available for adoption. (via Petfinder)

Here are some in my area of upstate NY:

Bashful, adult female English spot mix.

Bob, young male Dwarf/Rex mix

Bern, young male Mini Lop

And a few across more sweet bunnies:

Gladiss, adult female Lionhead

Amber, young female French Lop

Joe, the flying bunny?

Maria, Betsy and Tricia, young female Dwarf mix