Would you eat your dog’s food? Really?
Two Brooklyn NY women, Hanna Mandelbaum and Alison Wiener (pictured), are more than willing. Not only that, but for a whole month!

The two creators of Evermore Pet Food want to prove that their product is made with integrity. In a recent press release, Hanna states, “Every ingredient is fit for human consumption.” The pet food is made of beef or chicken, including livers and hearts, as well as herbs, spices grains, vegetables and fruits. Alison, a personal chef, promises pet owners home-cooked meals from whole-food, healthy ingredients.

Starting March 1st, the two women committed to eating at least one meal a day of Evermore dog food for the entire month. Personally, I love this idea. These are two women who not only stand behind their product…they eat it up.

“Hopefully we will have shiner coats, more energy, and lose excess weight,” says Hanna.

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