Things I Like About the Fall:

Return of the cool weather–what’s not to love!

McCoun apples–I’ve tried many varieties but these are the best. Crisp, tart. Try ’em. And now that I’m doing well on my diet, I plan to take full advantage of this healthy snack treat and not just make it into pies.

Fleece–may not be stylin’, but so cozy! Jackets, vests, blankets, anything!

Playing with Kelly in the back yard–she’s feeling frisky now. If only she knew how to rake.

New fall TV shows. Okay, I admit it. I’m a Survivor fan. Can’t wait for the new season!

What I’m not crazy about:

Raking. Well, I don’t mind the raking as much as stuffing the leaves into bags. ugh.

Cold feet. When the weather gets damp and chilly, they feet are always the first to go. Wish I had a crackling fire to stick them in front of. A campfire would be another thing I like about fall, except I live in the city and it’s not a good idea to build a campfire in my back yard.

Dental procedures. Okay, so this isn’t really a normal fall occurrence. But it is for me, tomorrow. I have to have a crown put on a cracked tooth. It takes an hour and a half, and that’s just for the first appointment. It takes two visits to the dentist. So, not real comfortable under normal circumstances, I’m a bit skeeved out by this. But…I’m staying calm, and it will all be good. I’m calm…I’m calm…. Please dont’ comment with any dental horror stories, I couldn’t take it 🙂