Explosions, powerful booms, sudden crashes—it’s enough to send your dog running for cover. But fireworks do more damage than just cause dogs to cower. They can create severe anxiety, even panic. 

Keep calm, like Ike!

 If left alone during a fireworks episode, some dogs will scratch or
bite at crates, doors and walls enough to harm themselves, or if
possible, escape and run off to some place they perceive safer. Here are
some ways you can help calm your dog this 4th of July:

1. Provide Hiding Places-– Make sure bedroom or closet doors are open, or that your dog has access to some place he feels safe. For some dogs that might be glued to your side, while others prefer to seek out a dark corner. But don’t shut your dog in any place he feels trapped, or can’t escape if he wants.

2. Distract–  Play a game with your dog, or practice your training routines. This could help take her mind off her fears.

Kelly and Ike think 4th of July is all fun and games.

3. Model Calmness–According to OneMind Dog,
staying calm is key. If you are stressed about how your dog may react
to the noise, your dog will feel stressed too. “Dogs automatically
associate the emotion surrounding an experience with the event itself,”
the OneMind Dog behavioral trainers say, so stay relaxed and upbeat.
They add that dogs respond to your body language too.

4. Music– The CD Through a Dog’s Ear is proven effective for calming many dogs. It works like magic for mine! Music may also drown out some of the noises of the firework.

This is a great CD.

5. Treats– Reward your dog with small treats for being calm.

Have a happy, calm Independence Day!