Play is an important part of keeping fit. Kelly and Ike like their toys as much as any dog. But Kelly, especially has a serious problem–she dismembers her toys. Just look at this collection of hands, ears and tails.

A stuffie doesn’t last 2 minutes in the house before it’s de-squeaked, unstuffed and on it’s way to being decapitated.

Ike, on the other hand, isn’t terribly interested in stuffies. He loves tennis balls, and recently he’s discovered a new toy that he’s chewed on for weeks without any damage. I’m super impressed with Planet Dog’s Snowball. It holds up to chewing, and it must retain it’s yummy taste because Ike still licks it and mouths it. He even throws it in the air and catches it himself.

What is your dog’s toy-playing style? Do they rip them apart like Kelly, or savor them like Ike?

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