I love the country, but I’m more of a “sit on the porch and watch the birds” kinda gal than a “get out there and hike in the wilderness” person. But what kind of a post for FitDog Friday would that make? So this Labor Day weekend, we decided the weather was just right for a lovely hike at Peebles State Park on Van Schoick Island near Troy, New York.

We took Kelly, Ike and Zeke. The dog friendly trails included one receptacle for poo bags at the head/foot of the trail.

Zeke was full of energy and very excited at all the new smells. The other dogs were happy, but containable. The weather was breezy and perfect. Still, it didn’t take long before all tongues were hanging out!

 Oddly, none of the dogs seemed to notice the several deer only yards away right next to the path.

Kelly and Ike got winded quickly. Even quicker than me!

At last, we shared a nice drink and relaxed. 

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