This is one of my favorite sights. I was standing out in my front yard last week when I heard the loud, strong, rhythmic honking of Canadian Geese. I happened to have my camera in my hand, so I looked up and snapped this picture.

Why I love flying geese:
1. I live in the city, and I’m awed whenever I see nature in the city. Even if they are just passing by.

2. Sometimes they fly by so low, I can see their wings, their feet tucked up under them, their beaks.

3. The V-formation intrigues me. Science explains why they do this. But how do they know? Who is the leader? When do they change leaders? Does everyone get a turn? Is one goose directing the formation–“Hey you! A little to the right. The small one there, you’re out of line!” (I think of other questions when I watch the geese. How do they decide when to stop? How do they know which way to go? What happens if some can’t keep up? Do they get left behind?)

4. I love that honking sound. I fall silent and just stare upwards when I hear it.

5. Canadian Geese are big and strong, and brave to travel so far.

6. My mom lives in Canada.

Why I don’t like flying geese:

1. (At least at this time of year) It means winter, and the cold weather, is coming.

2. They are leaving.

Tail’s End: Look Up.