I gave Ike a taste of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet wet dog food and this is what happened:

Ike went nuts for it! 
As a Chewy.com Influencer, we often get a chance to test new products and report back to you. This month we chose Natural Balance wet food. I always feed my dogs dry food, but sometimes they don’t seem to have the enthusiasm for it as they used to. Also, Ike and Kelly are both seniors, and dry food can be difficult on their jaws. So I thought a bit of wet food on top might be a good idea.
I measure in a slightly less amount of dry food, and divide the small tub of Natural Balance between the two of them. The flavor we got is white fish and sweet potato. This is grain free and just a single source of animal (fish) protein. The first 5 ingredients are white fish, fish broth, sweet potato, canola oil and tricalcium phosphate.
My favorite thing about this food is the convenience. The tub is only 2.75 oz, so it is the perfect size to divide as a topper for my two dogs. Nothing to save in the fridge, no fuss no muss.
Kelly and Ike love Natural Balance tubs and ordering them from chewy.com couldn’t be easier. My order almost always arrives in 2 days!
*full disclosure: I was provided with 24 tubs of Natural Balance wet dog food in exchange for my honest review. This in no way influenced my opinion. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.