How are you doing at K9Kamp–Backyard Fun and Games? For those of you who don’t know, K9Kamp is a fun “doggy and me” virtual fun, fitness and friendship kamp. Everyone completes on their own, and then comes back online to share the results. If you haven’t joined yet, you can jump right in today! And, don’t forget to enter our Rafflecopter for fantastic prizes worth $350!

No Place to Play
So we’ve been having backyard fun, that is, until our backyard became a big mess. We have a small yard, but it’s enough for the dogs to run around and play. Ike and Zeke love to play keepaway there, which I’ll be sharing about in our Around the Kampfire wrap-up on July 25th. So, we recently had a big maple tree removed, and after that an excavator came in and dug up all the roots. Some were as big as a telephone pole! There were so many roots, our little backyard is now nothing but a pile of dirt. We have to plant grass seed. So, while the grass is growing, we need to go to the park for our K9Kamp Backyard fun.

Ramp it Up
So, that’s when this new product from Solvit comes in handy. Recently they asked me if I’d like to try out one of their telescoping ramps and their new side door adapter.

 Ike is 8 years old, and not as spry at climbing in and out of the SUV as he could be. Kelly is 13 years old, and although she’s pretty spry, she’s not as tall as Ike. And then there’s little Zeke, who hasn’t yet got the size to jump up into the vehicle. So, we are the perfect crew to try out the Solvit deluxe telescoping ramp.

The ramp  is:
1. lightweight–easy to carry
2. easy to set up–basically just put it in place and extend the bottom
3. sturdy

Storing the ramp in the vehicle for unloading was a bit of a question, but it fit nicely on the floor of the back bed of the SUV.  If the dogs were riding in the back (which is kind of why the ramp would be there to begin with, lol) they would have to sit on top of it. We put a padded blanket over it to make it more comfy.

 What if your dog rides in the back seat, instead of the way back? Then the side door adapter is for you.

It looks simple enough–a strap, a buckle, a hook. We had a little bit of a hard time sorting out the directions, although they were short and detailed, we just didn’t have a good concept of what we were doing. Some diagrams would have helped. But once we got that straightened out, the attachment was very easy to use. Just attach the hook to the side door, adjust the strap to the appropriate length, and apply to the ramp using the buckle.

Kelly tests it out: (you can hear the ice cream truck in the backgroud!)

The side door attachment
1. Easy to install (once you know how!)
2. compact to bring along in the car
3. sturdy

We give the Solvit telescoping ramp and side door attachment four paws way up!

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 FULL DISCLOSURE: I was provided with one Solvit ramp and one side door attachment to review, and one of each to give away. This in no way influenced my review. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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