A few weeks ago the Go Pet Friendly mobile traveled through upstate New York. I was delighted to get together with Amy Burkert from Go Pet Friendly, along with Kim Clune from This One Wild Life. We met for lunch and chatted about dogs, blogs, and Be the Change for Animals, of which they are the founding members and I am staff writer. How fortunate that all three of us could talk in person about our plans and hopes for the site, and for sharing avenues to help educate others about worthy animal causes.

Amy sported her Go Pet Friendly t-shirt, and I enjoyed hearing her talk about her work, and could clearly see her dedication. Go Pet Friendly is absolutely your must-visit site if you want to travel with your dog. They’ll help you find hotels, campsites, restaurants and pet friendly attractions to visit. And they just sponsored 5 spay/neuter’s to Kim’s Doghouse Adoptions. How cool is that? By the way, I’m so proud of Doghouse Adoptions, because I got to hear Kim talk about this when it was still more of a dream than a reality. And now it is going strong!

I gave Amy and Kim signed copies of my new book, Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw.

Amy gave me a copy of the Go Pet Friendly calendar!

 And everyone came back to my house to meet Kelly and Brooks.

I’ve felt connected to other bloggers, but since I haven’t been able to attend conferences like Blogpaws, and Barkworld (where Kim will be speaking in October!) I haven’t met many in person. I’m fortunate that Kim lives close enough nearby that we’ve been able to visit on occasion. And it was a great treat to meet Amy. (I’m sorry I missed Rod, Ty and Buster though!)  I hear they are now visiting Burlington Vermont, my hometown! Happy travels guys!