It is with the deepest sadness that I have to share that we had to say goodbye to Ike on Saturday. He was 10 years old. He was a good boy.

Ike’s Purpose
Ike had many jobs to do here on earth, and he did them all without us
asking. We adopted him when he was seven years old, and he knew that in
order to stay with us, his first job was to get along with Kelly, our
bossy female spaniel. From the start he was a gentleman and
always let her have her way.

His next job was to help my husband
Mike recover from a life-threatening illness. When Mike came home from
the hospital after 41 days, Ike provided TLC, the most powerful medicine
around, especially when administered by a warm and furry canine

On a daily basis, he kept me company as I worked from
home, and was the best office-mate ever. Then he became a certified
therapy dog, giving unconditional love to all he met.

Finally, as our 16-year old Kelly became blind, deaf and in the throes of dementia, he
stepped in and guided her every step, slept beside her, and became her
therapy dog. Kelly-the-boss-dog depended upon Ike’s gentle support.

But most of all, the job he did best–and the job he loved
the most–was walking with us, sitting beside us, letting us scratch his
ears, and just being with us. And oh, he was so good at it.

Run free, Ike

Crossed over rainbow bridge March 18, 2017 (10 yrs old)
Ike died of hemangiosarcoma–a ruptured bleeding tumor on his spleen. This article calls it “the silent killer.”
Here are some pictures of Ike doing what he did best–loving us every day.