Your dog is sooooo cute!
You know he’s special. You know she makes you smile. So why not share that adorable mug with everyone?

Guideposts magazine online announces its new dog slide show. They’re looking for smiling dogs, happy dogs, funny dogs. Could that be yours??!

Simply send a photo of your dog (or family member’s or friend’s dog) that makes you smile, to:

[email protected] (Or if that isn’t working, use [email protected])
Dog’s name
Owner’s name
Dog’s age
A little sentence about the dog.

The slide show is being updated frequently, so hurry and get those photos in right away!
And don’t worry cat owner, kitties turn is coming up soon!

New News:

Just heard of another opportunity to get your pet photos out there now too! (Kitties too!) Thoughts Fur Paws is holding a January Funny Pet Photo Contest. Prizes include treats, toys and more. Send your photos to [email protected].