My dog Kelly is lacking as much enthusiasm for exercise as I am. It’s difficult enough to motivate myself to get going and move, let alone try to motivate my couch potato spaniel. After we get up in the morning and I start to work, she pretty much settles herself in ontop of the back of the couch and snoozes. We do go out and walk when we can, but it’s either too cold, too hot, too rainy…you know the excuses. So today I tried throwing her a ball to give her some exercise. I threw the ball. She sat and looked at me. Big mistake–I was in the kitchen and she wasn’t about to move far from the food. So I went into the hall and threw the ball. She chased after it at first, then slowed to a halfhearted walk and picked the ball up in her mouth then dropped it in the corner. I could tell she was thinking this wasn’t very fun. Eventually I learned that she’d only go after the ball with relish if I kept up a constant stream of enthusiastic encouragement. So I squeeze the ball–squeak squeak! Throw it. “Go get it Kelly, thata girl, c’mon get the ball, you can do it…” Kelly bounds after the ball, tail flying. If her interest flags, I make a dash at her and pretend to steal the ball. The minute I stop cheering, she stops and looks at me. Soon the two of us are racing around the house. I guess I got my morning exercise too.