It’s not just “I love you.”
It’s “I and love and you.

I and Love and You is a company offering a wide variety of natural products, pet food, supplements and vitamins. Founder, Brendan Synnott  is also the co-founder of Bear Naked Granola.

This is one cool company. They have an open, friendly attitude. “When we started “I and love and you” about a year ago, we set out to make it easier for pet parents to take care of their pets’ entire health and well-being,” wrote Lindsay, who introduced me to the company and products. She added that their raw dog food–which is grain free, with no GMOs, is very popular as well.

I told Lindsay that I’d never given my dogs supplements or vitamins, because I didn’t understand what the ingredients were. She told me that they appreciated my concern over ingredients in supplements and remedies–“That’s actually one of the reasons we started “I and love and you.” Brendan wanted the same quality ingredients he buys for his human family to go to his pet family!”

I and love and you sent me some treats and supplements to sample.

Also, I wondered what is homeopathy?

“Homeopathy is a
natural, holistic system for healing that works by eliminating the
underlying imbalance in a pet’s body that is causing unwanted symptoms.
Homeopathy uses the principle of the “minimum dose.” Homeopathic
remedies are made from natural substances such as plants and minerals
that are highly diluted and shaken, which eliminates any toxic effects
of the natural substance. It is literally impossible to overdose with a
homeopathic formula, and they are generally safe for use with other
remedies or medicines.”

Here’s a few things I learned:
 * Nutritional supplements are produced in FDA registered, human-grade facilities
 *Food is produced in USDA inspected facilities
 * Food and treats are never, ever made in China. Nearly everything comes from the USA. 
 * Foods and treats use human-quality ingredients, never by-products or rendered meat
 * No Artificial preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavorings
 * No additives or fillers
 * No corn, soy, by-products or un-named meats

I and love and you products include dry kibble, raw food and raw freeze dried food for dogs, chews and treats, daily supplements and natural remedies for cats and dogs. We sampled some delicious treats, Super Power Powder and My skin’s Itchy.

Super power powder™ is a daily multivitamin for dogs.

It includes a mineral and multivitamin blend that benefits digestion, joints, skin and coat. Click here to check out the Ingredients.
I tried Super Power Powder with Kelly and Ike by sprinkling a scoop on their food. I started with a small amount at first and increased gradually. Both Kelly and Ike ate the multivitamin powder with no problems. I’ve only been using it for a short time, so it’s difficult to tell yet if the vitamins have contributed to improved health, muscle tone, or vigor.

Among the I and love and you natural remedies:
My Joints Ache
My Darn Aller Geez
My Tummy Hurts
My Skin’s Itchy
My Nerves are Stresssed
My Sparkly Smile
My Sparkly Ears
Paw Armor

 Since Ike has allergies, we tried My Skin’s Itchy™ homeopathic remedy.

Check out the Ingredients.
I mixed a few droppers full with Ike’s food. It did seem that his itchiness improved. We changed seasons and had a frost, so that may have contributed to the improvement as well. But Ike seems more comfortable and less itchy! And both dogs absolutely loved the treats and bully sticks!

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Full Disclosure: I received one Super Power Powder, one My Skin’s Itchy, and one bag of treats and two bully sticks to review and a gift pack to give away. This
in no way influenced my review. The opinions here are 100% my own. 

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