Here on FitDog Friday, we know the benefits of getting out and walking our dogs.

No Kelly! You need to walk for exercise!!

We also believe in cleaning up after our dogs. But there’s a problem.
Problem: What to do with your fully loaded poo bag as you continue your walk?
a. Just carry it and ignore the looks of everyone who knows what’s inside that thin plastic bag.
b. Stuff it in your coat pocket and vow to run to the dry cleaners immediately after.
c. Drop it in a neighbor’s trash can along your route and hope they don’t notice.
d. Wish that someone would invent a better way!

Well you don’t have to wish any longer. Check out Wag ‘n’ Load, a new, convenient, discreet and sanitary way to take care of your dog’s business.

Wag ‘n’ Load is a nice, nylon pouch you can carry hands-free by either clipping onto your dog’s leash, or your belt loops. You can attach a poo bag dispenser on one side, and hand sanitizer on the other. (ugh! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed hand sanitizer after cleaning up after my dogs!)

We were sent two samples to try out and review.
* attractive
* the velcro attachments hold fast. The bag didn’t slip down the leash!
* convenient
*durable. Nicely made, thick material, lined pouch
* washable
* a great solution to this problem!

* the bag, especially when “loaded,” adds weight to the leash that can feel a bit awkward

(update: The designers note that if you attach the velcro through the
loop at the top or very bottom of the leash, the extra weight is not

Although the Wag ‘n’ Load bag is a bit heavy on the leash, there was something kind of satisfying about having my dogs carry their own business!
It can be attached to your belt loops instead. As an alternative, I would also like to use the Wag ‘n’ Load with a long, over the shoulder strap.

Overall, Wag ‘n’ Load is extremely well-made and designed. This is an awesome product that every dog walker should have. We really like ours, and consider it an essential dog walking tool.

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Full Disclosure: I received two Wag ‘n’ Loads to review and two to giveaway. This
in no way influenced my review. The opinions here are 100% my own.