Some dogs love all people without discrimination. Others are cautious around men, skeptical of children, dislike people in uniform, or even certain family members such as Aunt Gertrude with her loud, high pitch voice and quick movements.

Since I’m home with her all day, Kelly definitely has a preference for me. If we’ve been out on an errand, it doesn’t matter who else comes through the door with me, Kelly will push past everyone else to get to me first, and jump up on me wagging and shaking with happiness! I have to admit, it does feel good! But recently, when my son Andy came home from college for spring break, he was disappointed Kelly didn’t make more of a fuss over him. Of course they connected later and Kelly was glad to see him, but Andy felt a bit dissed at first.

This weekend something unusual happened. Mike and I and my daughter Kate and her friend Derek were all coming home at the same time. Derek is someone Kelly had never met before, or if she had it had been more than 5 years ago and maybe only once or twice. But when we all walked in the door, she pushed past everyone and went right up to Derek instead of me! Derek hadn’t called to her or made any advances to her in any way. Somehow Kelly was just attracted to him. And I could tell throughout the evening as Derek was here visiting, that Kelly bonded with him quietly. I wonder what it was about Derek that made her take to him instantly? I thought it was sweet. (And I made a mental note to tag Derek for dog sitting if we should need to go away!)

Have you noticed any unique people preferences in your dogs?

Paws for Reflection: Bond with the people who make you happy.