Tiffani Thiessen EmBARKs on Pet Health.

As a member of Sergeant’s EmBARK on Pet Health campaign–an effort to educate and empower pet parents–I was encouraged to volunteer at a participating animal shelter.

I think this is a great idea, although unfortunately none of the participating shelters were close enough for me to volunteer.  So I chose to help shelters in my area on my own.

But I also wanted to write about an amazing organization participating in Sergeant’s EmBARK on Pet Health. The more I learned about this group, the more impressed I became.

Guardians of Rescue
 Smithtown, New York
When you click on the Guardians of Rescue website, you won’t find images of fluffy puppies and pretty pastel colors. Instead you get black-bordered modern site with a tattoo-like image of a shield and elaborate angel wings. I think this tells you a little bit about what you get–a serious, hardcore group, devoted to the well-being of animals and their owners. I love their motto “People helping Animals….Animals Helping People.”
Their mission is “to facilitate and foster programs and activities that further the uniquely symbiotic and therapeutic benefits of interaction between people and animals.”

Here are some of the awesome programs they provide:

1. Gimme Shelter-
This program works to ensure that all animals are provided with proper protection from the elements. In part, volunteers patrol for animals in situations without proper protection and adequate food and water. Guardians of Rescue will provide shelters free of charge to any and all dogs and cats in need.

2.Sheltering Arms-
The goal of this program is to assist animal shelters with everything they need.

3. Helping Families-
Designed to keep families together, it provides medical care, pet food and supplies to anyone in need due to a catastrophic event, or to families in need due to economic reasons. Guardians Members and volunteers also assist seniors, the homebound and the disabled with transportation to the vet, and may help with the bills. They also provide a Pet Food & Supply Bank for anyone in need due to a catastrophic event or to families in need due to economic reasons.

4. Home Again: Operation Support Our Troops-
Assist returning service men and women in adopting a dog or cat from an animal shelter when they return home or bringing back a pet rescued during their deployment. They work to make sure the animal adapts to US life, by providing whatever training is needed.

5. Animals Helping People-
This program aims to provide information and resources relating to the training, treatment, and placement of therapy dogs. From those suffering from autism, MS, strokes, Post Traumatic Stress, psychological conditions, etc.

6. Junior Guardians: Humane Education-
The Junior Guardians are a group of young people from all walks of life. Their goal is to “learn the ropes” of animal rescue, and be the change for our future. The program is presented at public middle and high schools, scout troops, vocational schools and residential facilities for at risk youth. Youth learn  how to recognize the signs of animal abuse and neglect, and how to report it in the proper manner, how to help defend creatures that cannot themselves. and why dog fighting is wrong and morally reprehensible and why it cannot be tolerated.

Now, aren’t you impressed too?
Click to volunteer, donate or find out more.
Click to find adoptable pets from Guardians of Rescue.
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And don’t forget, take the EmBARK on Pet Health pledge — pledge to learn more about pet health, and for each pledge Sergeant’s will donate a selection of pet health products to shelters!

I was compensated by Sergeant’s to participate in the emBARK on pet
health campaign. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. See my full disclosure statement.

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