Most dog people with longer-breed varieties have stories to tell about grooming! Thank you for sharing yours, and keep them coming!
I just came across this sad photo of a cocker spaniel whose owner had neglected its grooming.
(How did they know there was a cocker spaniel under there?) Fortunately the dog was rescued and given proper care. When I hear about incidents like this, I get so upset. Owning a dog comes with responsibilities, and neglecting their care is obviously cruel. I know grooming can be expensive, but we can all keep up between professional groomings by bathing, brushing, trimming the hair on their feet, keeping their nails clipped, etc. Anyone can learn to do this. (Although my husband does the nails, I’m too nervous!)

My hats off to all people who rescue dogs, groom dogs, treat our ill dogs and keep them healthy. Thank you all!

I’ve been looking at pictures of different breeds of dogs, interested in what breeds make up Kelly. Since she came from a cocker spaniel rescue, she certainly has a fair amount of cocker spaniel in her.

I can see her eyes, her expression, her coloring, her body shape in the first picture. I don’t see a lot of Kelly in the second picture of the cocker.

This is a long haired dachshund. I definitely see Kelly’s eyes here:
This is her face, her chest, her coloring:

Her coloring, she just has longer legs!