Happy Mother’s Day!
We don’t need a special day to remind us of how much we love being moms, but it’s nice anyway! My big treat today was pancakes. Obviously not on my diet, but I did use sugar free syrup. Yum! My son, a senior in high school, still makes me a homemade card, and I love it. What used to be crayon scribblings and cockeyed stick figures is now fancy computer fonts and graphics in full color print elaborately folded together. The expectant look on his face as I read the card aloud makes it all the more special.
And my daughter, who now lives out of state, remembered me with a special phone call. Hard to believe she’s not right here by my side any more, but kids grow up.
As I surveyed the children in church this morning, I nostalgically remembered the marigold seed in the styrofoam cup I was presented with every Mothers Day. The dandelion bouquets. The popsicle stick pencil holders. The gifts we cherish, because they were made with innocence and love. No other gifts could come close.
But I wouldn’t mind a nice Caribbean cruise some day, okay?!
Happy Mother’s Day everyone!