One of my goals this new year is to focus more on healthier, whole foods. Less processed stuff. To know what I’m putting in my body. And that goes for feeding my dog too. There are many advocates supporting making your own dog food. I’ve read about raw diets. But for me, I think I’ll continue to buy the best, healthiest commercial pet food I can afford. And then, supplement with other healthy foods. And I will keep researching and keep an open mind. Here are some of the foods I already feed Kelly, on occasion:
Green beans
Baby Carrots
Cheese (maybe this is not in the “healthy” category, but I use low-fat cheese in small amounts as rare treats, and she loves it.)

As I’ve been reading about this topic, I was surprised to learn about some other fruits, vegetables and grains that are considered healthy for dogs. Some might even help prevent cancer. In Animal Wellness magazine I read about a beautiful Golden, Shawnee, 14 years old, who was thriving on whole food raw and cooked diet. Here are some other foods that are healthy for your pet:
Apples– vitamin C and antioxidants.
Blueberries– contain resveratrol, a natural compound with anti-cancer properties
Pumpkin– helpful to the digestive tract
Chickpea flour–potassium, iron, folate, copper and magnesium