Kelly’s Book Reviews

There is something special about animals and kids, and that bond is celebrated in a new book, Animals and the Kids who Love Them. This heartwarming book is by Allen & Linda Anderson, authors of Angel Dogs, Dogs and the Women who Love Them and many other inspiring books.

 All the stories here touched my heart.
In Part One: HOPE, you’ll read stories such as “My Child with Autism and the Dog Who Adores Her,”and “A Cat Therapist for David”

Part Two: HEALING, find “Lillie is an Angel on a Leash,”and “Casper the Rabbit Touched my Son.”

Part Three: COMPASSION, there’s “Frankie and Jackson Face Life’s Challenges Together” and “Rescued Dalmatian, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, Rescues Others.”
And I’m also proud to say that my story, told to me by Tom Russo, “Miniature Horse Patty Pat Answers a Parent’s Prayers” is also the lead story in the book. It’s about a wonderful young girl with a serious immune disease, and how her love for a miniature pony not only helped her get through the tough times, but also helped calm and soothe the rambunctious horse.

Each story has an adorable photograph with the dog, cat, llama, chicken, bunny or turtle that child loved.
Kelly and I think you’ll love this book!

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