I was working out at the gym the other day, when I saw this clip on the news. Because I didn’t have my headphones, I couldn’t hear what the story was about. Why was that car chasing that dog?

When I got home and did some research, I discovered that the car wasn’t chasing after the dog, but the dog was leading a police car through confusing back country roads in Alaska. Here’s the amazing story:

On Sunday April 4th, Buddy the German Shepherd and his owner, 23-year old Ben Heinrichs were in the workshop of their home in Caswell Lakes, Alaska when a heater ignited chemicals in and started a raging fire. The owner, who suffered burns to his face, called 911.

Trouble is, the home was located in a forested area with many forks in the roads, and difficult to locate. Buddy took off, found a trooper responding to the call, and led him back to the house.

Buddy is being lauded as a hero.