In an ultimate act of devotion, Rufus bit the Taliban terrorist on the leg.

CBS News reports that Rufus and two other stray dogs thwarted a surprise attack by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan last February. Sgt. Chris Duke vows that the dogs saved his life, and those of 50 other sleeping American soldiers.

When Sgt. Duke returned stateside in March, he never thought he’d see Rufus again. But thanks to Robert’s Cause, a nonprofit animal advocacy group, Hope for the Warriors, Facebook, Pet Airways, and some good Samaritans, Sgt. Duke and Rufus are now reunited and will live together, along with Duke’s family, in Georgia. One of the other strays, Target, arrived to live with a soldier in Arizona. Way to go!

The reunion was captured by news outlets across the country. This video report is from Fox News:

I’m inspired by all the people who came together to help bring these dogs and soldiers together. This isn’t the first great project aided by Robert’s Cause. Robert Misseri is a founding member of Rescue Ink, has been instrumental in helping countless abused and neglected animals, works with Puppy Rescue Mission, and numerous other animal advocacy efforts.