Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup!

* Don’t forget, Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day! Are you taking your pal with you? This year Dad might be taking Brooks along, if all goes well. (Kelly prefers working from home with me.)

* Do you feed your dog or cat salmon and egg souffle, apple cake, peanut butter cannolis, and yogurt-topped cupcakes? Fox news reports on what they consider outrageous pet foods.

* What about Bowser Beer—yup, there is a new line of beer for dogs. Don’t worry—according to abc news, this canine brew is non-alcoholic.

* If you didn’t get to watch HBO’s “revealing but difficult” documentary One Nation Under Dog, read this Washington Post review. I don’t know if my heart would have been able to handle the program.

* The USA Today reports that an Oregon man bitten by a stray cat is diagnosed with the plague, similar to the one which wiped out one-third of Europe in the 11th century. The man was trying to remove a dead rodent from the stray cat’s mouth…

That’s all the links for today! Stay cool and have a great week.