I’d like to introduce you to one of our amazing Featured Bloggers at Koly and Kelly’s K9Kamp (To meet another Featured Blogger, check out Kol’s Notes too!) And, keep reading to the end to find this week’s contest for Juniper Fetching sticks from Molly’s Products. Good luck!

Pet Blogs United

Your name: Pam
Age: (or undisclosed!) 44
Occupation: Mom, Blogger
Favorite activity: Reading and reading to Oskar too?
Favorite food: Prime Rib

Your dog’s  name: Oskar
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Age: 6
Favorite activity: Chasing my blue ball
Favorite food: Bacon!  Oskar, you sound just like my son here. Bacon on everything!

2. Tell us about your blog. 

Pet Blogs United is a place for all pet bloggers to find each other, make new friends and get featured.  The Daily Oskar is Oskar’s view of the world.

3. Why did you decide to participate in Koly & Kelly’s K9 Kamp?

We need to get moving!

Did your dog urge you to sign up…or did you think your dog perhaps needed a little intervention?

Oskar would love to be more active, it’s me that’s holding him back. Yes, I can relate to this!

What are your goals for the Kamp?
To get in the habit of exercising together.

4. How would you rate your dog’s physical fitness? How would your dog rate yours? 

Oskar’s is very good, mine is not so good due to an illness called gastroparesis that has caused many hospitalizations in the past several years.

5. What is your dog’s biggest fitness challenge?


6. How would you rate your dog’s diet? How would your dog rate yours?

Oskar is an Iams dog; his diet is very good.  Due to my stomach condition my diet is very limited.

8. Complete this sentence: In K9Kamp, my dog would be voted Most Likely To __

Instigate Chaos.Oh no! I’ll have to keep looking out for him!

Thank you Kristine and Shiva!  Now let’s win some prizes! 

Molly Product’s fetching sticks are made from the fragrant Juniper wood of Northern Arizona.  Each branch is cut to 10″ long, stripped of it’s bark to reveal the fragrant Juniper wood underneath, hand-sanded to remove protrusions & rough patches, then beveled at the end  These beautiful, hand crafted, eco-friendly play toys are ideally designed for outdoor entertainment for you and your pet! 

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