Do you put your dog in your photo Christmas and holiday cards? Or at the very least, sign their name(s)? Why not, they’re part of the family.
Our tradition of sending out photo Christmas cards has recently ended, a direct result of the empty nest. Of course, Kelly would be more than willing to have her face adorn our yearly greetings, but I figured it was enough she was on the blog and website. But every year since she joined our family, up until the last few, she was included–along with the kids– in the big production known as the creation of THE Perfect Picture to create our card.
This was never a simple procedure. We only have two kids and one dog, but try getting them all to stand in the same place with happy expressions. Andy generally wanted no part of the whole deal. I usually fussed with Kate’s long, curly red hair until I’d about brushed it off her head. And whatever dog we had (first a Dalmatian, then a Yellow Lab, then came Kelly) could sit still for about a nanosecond before foraging for Snausages. We usually went through about 4 rolls of film, none of which were satisfactory, and the entire procedure had to be repeated. We got a good quality digital camera about at the point when the kids started outgrowing this “happy” holiday tradition. I can hardly think of a year that this session didn’t end in tears.

Do you have any funny stories about your holiday photo card? Share them here!

Diva dogs always like to have their pictures on Christmas cards!