…if a wood chuck could throw balls?

Well, in this case, a Wood Chuck can throw balls…and throw them very far, too. Here is Planet Dog’s Wood Chuck:

This is a really attractive dog throwing toy made of wood, not plastic, with a cork handle. And an awesome Planet Dog ball that has some sort of magic powers to attract dogs.  There is something I can’t explain about the Planet Dog balls. Ike
goes crazy over them. He prefers them to any other ball, even his
beloved tennis balls.

We took Zeke and Ike to the park to play. The Wood Chuck enabled my son to toss the ball REALLY far:

We really loved playing with Planet Dog Wood Chuck. You need a big open space, one Wood Chuck, and a dog who loves to run!

Full Disclosure: Chewy.com sent us this awesome Wood Chuck toy in exchange for our honest review.
This in no way influenced our review. Opinions expressed here are 100% our own. We give Chewy, and Planet Dog four paws way up!