Am I the only one who feels guilty whenever I leave the house? Something about those big, sad eyes staring at me through the window on the door, making me feel like I’m leaving them to the worst fate possible.

I try to rationalize that they are fine while I’m away. That I deserve this time to go to the grocery store, visit friends, have a life! But no matter what, whenever I leave the house, I still feel a twinge of guilt.

Ike in particular has a problem with being left home. So I heard about this CD of music designed to calm dogs, called Through a Dog’s Ear. I was totally skeptical. I wouldn’t have thought to try it, except the CD has great reviews and great word of mouth. What the heck? I ordered one on Amazon. It sat around for a while, unopened.

Then Ike got neutered. He hated wearing that cone. He fought it and pawed at it and seemed distressed. I spotted the CD…worth a try. So I put on the music and almost instantly he calmed down! He laid down with that cone, closed his eyes and fell asleep. I really can’t explain it. But he did.

So now, every time we leave the house, we put on Through A
Dog’s Ear CD. The music is slow, pleasant piano music to classical

The dogs still look at me through the window on
the door. They still give me those big sad eyes. But I think the CD
helps them feel calm once we’re gone.

I’ve told many people about it and some of them seem as skeptical as I
was. But I’m here to tell you it works! If you have a dog who gets
anxious, I would give Through A Dog’s Ear a try. We think it’s a great

There are versions to use while driving, and versions for puppies, senior dogs…. and even kitties! There is even a shelter program where your purchase helps provide Through a Dog’s Ear calming music free to shelters. Check out this video of how through a dog’s ear helps in a shelter:

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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