This is what Kelly does to snakes.
We have snakes in our yard. Lots. And a very small back yard. They’re called ribbon snakes and if you ask me, they are about 8 foot long and as thick as a flag pole, but my husband contends they are about 2 foot long at best.

I don’t like snakes. They skeeve me out. Some people tell me to leave the snakes alone, they eat bugs and rodents and which would you rather have?
Me: bugs and rodents.
Some people even like snakes.
Me: ????

Ribbon snakes are said to eat frogs and slugs and I do notice that we no longer have any frogs and slugs around. Frogs are actually kind of cute, and slugs are slimy but at least not scary. So, I want to get rid of the snakes. They might bite Kelly. They might bite me. They slither. ‘Nuff said.

Here are some ways to repel or discourage snakes:
1. keep your grass trimmed (as you can tell by the following photos, we were overdue for a mowing.)
2. remove piles of wood or stones where snakes can hide
3. get rid of their food source
4. try mothballs
5. hire a professional snake handler to remove the beasts

All I have is a snake-hunting dog who thinks that snakes are playthings or interesting stuffies, and swings them about like a cowboy. Here is Kelly with her friend.

me running away

So, my questions are:
* Will Ribbon snakes bite Kelly?
* What ways have you found successful to get rid of snakes?
* Is there a way to repel them without them getting the idea in their snaky brains that they should find a crack in our 100 yr old house and come on inside?
* Should I try to get rid of the snakes, or learn to live peacefully together?