I’ve spent a lot of money on dog toys Kelly’s shown no interest in. Kind of like that expensive toy you buy your toddler, and then he only wants to play with the box. Sometimes, the simple things are better.

A great website, Wisebread “living large on a small budget” posted 10 DIY dog toys you can make for pennies! These ideas, from Paul Michael, are fantastic!
Here are a few of his great ideas:

1. Place a tennis ball inside an old sock.
2. Tie a knot in the sock above the ball

Kitchen Towel Braids
1. Cut a ratty old kitchen towel with two slits, leaving about an inch at the top, so that you have three equal sections.
2. Braid the three sections.
3. Knot the loose ends.

Milk Bottle Madness
1. Take the cap off a plastic milk jug and throw it away.
2. Put about a dozen or so treats inside.
3. Watch your dog try to get them out!

(**Note: I tried this with Kelly and she chewed apart the milk jug, and got off big hunks of plastic. So if you try this, please watch your dog to make sure they don’t get pieces of plastic and swallow them.)

To see all 10 great ideas for inexpensive dog toys you can make with items found around the house, see the complete Wisebread article, 10 DIY Dog Toys you can Make for Pennies.