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Today we have a great guest post for anyone thinking of traveling over the holidays, or any time, with their pet. Deborah J. Thompson is a traveler and writer, and her article Ramblin’, Gamblin’ and Rockin’ on the Mississippi Gulf Coast will be in the Spring issue of FIDO Friendly magazine, available at the end of this month/early April. 

 How to Travel with Your Pet and Be Invited Back 
Guest post by Deborah J. Thompson

For many, it’s not a vacation
without our family pets. More property owners and hotels are realizing that pet-travelers
are an untapped market.

“People who travel with their pets are
compassionate—they care, not only about their animals, but about others and
their property as well. They are some of my best customers.” Renata-Circeo
Loudon, Owner
Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals

So how do we become one of those “best customers”?

Whether renting or staying
with family, these tips ensure a warm welcome and a return invitation.

Schedule potty breaks in-route. Why start your vacation with a potty on the driveway?
And upon arrival, expend pent-up energy with a walk so your pet can be excited
to be on vacation instead of just excited to get out of the car. 

Bring their bedding and crate into the house first. Show your pet their acceptable “place,” minimizing
anxiety and giving them a sense of the familiar.

Don’t drop them off and leave them alone. Prove you are “staying” here too. You may need to go
to the store, or out to dinner. But take time to decompress with your pet so
they are more at ease when you do need to leave them alone.

4.     Maintain
crating routine.
If your dog is used
to being crated, then continue. However,
if you don’t crate your dog at home, don’t start while in a new environment. It
will confuse your pet and make him or her more anxious.

Don’t neglect exercise and attention. This is their vacation too, so help them enjoy it.
Don’t leave them in a strange place every day while you’re out having fun.
Spend time with them–you brought them so
they would be with you­–right?
And check
on them often. If they understand that you will
be back, they will be less likely to “entertain” themselves.

It should go
without saying, but make sure that you
pick up after your pet
. Attach pick-up bags to their lead so they are
always handy. 

Respect the property. Even if the owner does allow pets on the furniture, bring your own blankets.
Cover the sofa, chair, bed or anywhere else your pet may be.

Avoid fleas.
A natural treatment is geranium oil. Put a few drops on their collar and lead
as a repellent or supplement to regular treatment. 

Remember–not everyone loves your pets as much as you
. Don’t let your pet approach
others without an invitation. You may be in close quarters on the elevator, the
hallways or even on a walk. Respect the personal space of those you encounter
and make sure that your pet does too.

The more responsible we are
as pet-owners, the more likely that others will respect our desire to take our
pets along when we travel. We are good-will ambassador for pet-travelers and our
behavior can pave the way for more acceptance in the future.

Deborah J. Thompson is a writer, speaker, artist, marketing consultant,
Stephen Minister and Stephen Leader. She got a dog for her first birthday and
hasn’t been without a pet (or pets) since. She and her husband are avid animal
rescuers and travel regularly with their “angel dog” Jazz and spunky rescue Sophie.
“Bark” with Jazz and Sophie on Facebook at:
Shore Dreams Pet Adventures.  Join Deborah on Twitter/InspireReflect and Facebook/DailyInspiredReflections for daily devotions. She is
also available for speaking engagements–call or email for details and visit
Speaker’s Page for references and bio.

Renata Circeo-Loudon is the owner of Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals with
pet-WELCOMING properties along the gulf coast and lakeside in north Georgia.
She has rescued animals for years and understands the special bond that we
share with our pets. She is committed to offering pet-friendly accommodations
whenever possible. Book your next vacation at or by emailing [email protected].

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