Something very scary happened to Kelly. We were eating dinner last night, and she was under the table, hoping for scraps (I know, begging again.) Suddenly, my son asked, “What’s the matter with Kelly?” She was shaking, and her hind end looked like she wasn’t sitting right. I called her out from under the table, and as she ran to me, her hind legs didn’t coordinate. They collapsed under her and she fell. Yet she came to me, wagging her tail and appearing unconcerned. I felt her hips and legs and she seemed to be in no pain. I put her outside and she stumbled around the yard for a bit. Then, after a minute or two, she was fine. Something similar happened once before, maybe a year ago, but was over so quick and then she was fine. We took her to the vet’s, and they confirmed that it sounded like a seizure. It’s possible that she has Epilepsy, or Cushing’s Disease, or a tumor, or something else. The seizures may not increase at all, or they could get worse. They are doing a bunch of blood tests to get some clues. Kelly is only 6, and she’s my constant companion as I work from home. Please, if you are a praying person, would you say an extra prayer for Kelly that everything will be okay? Thank you, from Kelly’s mom.