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I is for In a Dog’s Heart

This book by Jennifer Arnold is subtitled “What our dogs need, want and deserve–and the gifts we can expect in return.” Really, is there much else you want to know about dogs?

I absolutely love this book, and I wish everyone could read it! So mush so, that I’m giving away a free copy at the end of the blog post today. So keep reading for your chance to win!

Jennifer Arnold is founder and executive director of Canine Assistants, a service-dog school in Georgia. In order to run such a successful organization, Jennifer really understands dogs and the relationship between pet and pet parent. She sees herself as “a relataionship expert who improves communication between humans and dogs in the process, betters the quality of life for both.” 

One thing In a Dog’s Heart helps us to understand is the very destructive nature of negative training methods some people use. Jennifer’s organization never teaches using fear or force. She’s developed a positive training methodology called Choice Teaching, which “lends to calm, well-mannered dogs who respect their human partners and enjoy doing as asked.”

The book advocates building a strong bond with your pet which will give you the patience to “guide your dog through life on Planet Human, when he doesn’t speak the language or understand the customs.” Some of the steps the author explains are:
* Try to see the world through your dog’s eyes
*Understand that your dog’s perspective is quite different from your own
*Listen to your dog
*Be your dog’s advocate

There is a wealth of information in this book about how to keep your dog safe and healthy, and how to deal with various behavioral problems. 

So what do dogs want? According to Jennifer, “dogs simply want to be happy, and they want us to be happy with them.” And what does a pet parent want? This book!

In a Dog’s Heart is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookstore! Also available is NYTimes bestseller, Through a Dog’s Eyes.

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