Like most dogs, Kelly loves to nap. She’s even become, perhaps, a bit of a couch potato. Sometimes, however, I feel sorry when I see her lying around. She must be really bored. I’ve come to realize that I need to work to ensure her environment is interesting and stimulating. After all, how exciting can it be to stay inside and watch me tap away at the computer all day?
In addition to our daily walk, I’ve made a promise to myself and to Kelly to devote more time to play.
One day I took all of the toys out of her basket and threw them on the floor. Kelly scampered around, going from one to the other, picking up one and then seeing something more appealing and dropping the first to grab another. I teased her with rope toys and tempted her with squeaky bunnies.
Other times I go into the back yard with her and throw sticks and tennis balls. We don’t have a very large yard, but it’s enough to give her a little space to run and chase. And I find that I tire myself out with the exercise too.
Kelly loves it when I just get down on the floor and roughhouse. Sometimes I wish we had another dog for her to play with, but then I remember that she doesn’t like other dogs, so I’m not sure how well that would work. I’d love to bring her to a dog park, but fear she might be too aggressive toward the other dogs.
There are many ways to play with your dog, and some dogs, like Kelly, need a little encouragement to get moving. So excuse me, it’s time for my play date. Kelly has a new tennis ball, and it’s my serve.