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Recently one of my good friends, and several blog friends, have experienced having their dog escape or break away, and spent many heartbreaking days looking for their lost dogs. I can’t imagine the worry of not knowing where Kelly was, wondering if she was hurt, worrying about her running into traffic. If Kelly went missing, I know I’d do just about anything to find her I’ve heard of PetAmberAlert and how they could help locate a lost dog. That’s why I was interested in learning more about PetAmberAlert. Does it really work? How does it work? Has it helped reunite people with their pets?
Does it really work?
PetAmberAlerts reports an 85% success rate if the alert goes out in the first week, 75% success rate if the alert goes out after 2 weeks.
How does it work?
PetAmberAlerts Pet Finder system will send phone and poster alerts with photos, descriptions and details to neighbors, veterinarians, animal control, animal shelters, hospitals, pet stores and rescue volunteers within 10 to 100 mile radius of where the pet was last seen. A pet detective will follow up on leads for both lost dogs and lost cats.
Has it helped people reunite with their pets?
According to the website, many people have been helped by PetAmberAlerts. Here are some success stories.
There is an cost for the service. But if your pet goes missing, it would be extremely helpful to have this company sending out the fliers, making the phone calls, and contacting everyone possible, while you scoured the streets and searched your neighborhood, and/or also made sure you were at home if your pet returned.
Check out the lost pet posters on PetAmberAlert’s Facebook page.

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