We’ve been watching Ike’s health carefully. When last we had Ike at the vet’s, he’d been losing weight, his pulse was 40 beats/minute and his red blood cells indicated that he might have leukemia. We were filled with worry, but there were still so many unanswered  questions. Last week he had a recheck.

Among other things, the
vet has put him on antibiotics just in case the cause of his anemia and other issues was something undiscovered, such as a tick-borne illness that wasn’t tested.  

The good news
is that he is responding.

His heart rate is up to 80- 90!

He’s gained 3 lbs!

And his read blood count is close to normal!

The vet now believes it could be Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  We’ll continue to monitor him. But for now, he’s doing well and things look good!
Way to Go, Ike!

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