Have you found an indestructible dog toy? I haven’t. Kelly can get her canine canines through anything. When she was teething, she once shredded a diet coke can into dozens of tiny, razor sharp slices. When I saw it, I raced to check her tongue and gums for lacerations. Amazingly, she had not a single cut on her.
I love to watch Kelly with a tennis ball. First she peels the felt off the top. Then she cracks it open like an egg. Every time it’s the same routine.
She dismembers her stuffed toys too. All the stuffing is pulled out and scattered across the living room rug. The toy is then de-squeaked. Then, one by one she chews off the arms, legs, tail, bunny ears, elephant trunk or what have you. A tiny, pink, unstuffed chipmunk paw is still among her most treasured toys. She takes it out of her toy bin, tosses it around, chews on the raw edge, and then leaves it behind for me to find when I’m vacuuming.
Even Nylabones are chewn through–and swallowed–in a matter of minutes.
The one toy she’s yet to destroy is aptly named “The Indestructi-ball.” It’s large, smooth, red, about the weight of a bowling ball. There’s no dents or notches or any place to get ahold of it. She’s never destroyed it…yet she’s never played with it either. Apparently an indestructible toy is just no fun.