The way Kelly sits, with all four legs brilliantly in the right places–amazing. And the way she sleeps, either on her stomach, or back–also impressive. Okay, so I’m just kidding a bit. But I do find practically everything about dogs amazing. They are pretty much the most perfect animal.

So I had to check it out when Vet sent me 50 Amazing Facts About Dogs. Here are some of my favorites:

* Different dogs dig holes for different reasons.
Digging holes is a common bad habit amongst canines, but every individual has a different origin. 2 of the more popular reasons why dogs start ripping up the dirt are sheer boredom and attempting to escape, either to find a mate or an adventure.

* Dogs don’t understand when we point.
Most dogs do not comprehend the concept of pointing. Rather than following the finger to the person, place or thing indicated, they will stare at the fingertip and wonder what’s going on.

* Dogs are capable of dreaming.
Rapid eye movement – an observable phenomenon for curious owners – does occur in dogs, making it entirely likely that they undergo their own unique dream experiences.

* The 2 most common dog names begin with the letter M.
“Maggie” for females, and “Max” for males. Other popular names include Jake, Molly, Buddy, Lady, Bailey, Sadie, Sam and Lucy.

* The Americans and French own the most dogs.
In both France and the United States, dogs reign supreme as pets, with about 1 out of every 3 households owning one or more. Switzerland and Germany keep the least amount of pet dogs – only 1 in every 10 homes keeps a pet pooch.

* Dogs aren’t colorblind.
In actuality, dogs are capable of perceiving and processing color – just in a very rudimentary manner akin to a human’s vision during the twilight hours.

* Talking to pet dogs is a very common practice.
According to the American Animal Hospital Association, 33% of dog owners have admitted to talking to their pets. The actual number probably sits much higher than this, however.

What about you? What is something amazing about your dog?

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