We are in a State of Emergency. My city is underwater.
Fortunately, my house is unaffected. The heavy rains caused rivers to flow down the street, hail pelted at my windows, thunder and lightning made Kelly hide in the closet. But at least inside, we’re snug and dry.

Kelly does not like going outside in the rain. She sits on the threshold and stares out the open door. Nothing I say will bribe her to go out there unless I go out myself. Then she’ll rush out to do her business and bolt right back for the door. But if I’m not standing out there too, forget it. The things we do for our dogs!

In honor of our soggy weather, here is a list of idioms for “raining cats and dogs” in other languages from Omniglot.

Afrikaans– Ou vrouens met knopkieries reen
it’s raining old women with knobkerries (clubs)

Catalan– Està plovent a bots i barrals
it’s raining boats and casks

Croatian– Lije k’o iz kabla
it’s raining like from a bucket

Czech– Padají traka?e
it’s raining wheelbarrows

Danish– Det regner skomagerdrenge
it’s raining shoemakers’ apprenticies

Dutch– Het regent pijpestelen
it’s raining pipe stems

French– Il pleut comme vache qui pisse
it’s raining like a pissing cow

Gaelic (Irish)– Tá sé ag caitheamh sceana gréasaí
it’s throwing cobblers knives

German– Es gießt Schusterjungs
it’s pouring cobbler boys

Greek– ?????? ?????????????
it’s raining chair legs

Hungarian– Úgy esik, mintha dézsából öntenék
it’s raining as if it were poured from a tub

Icelandic– Það rignir eld og brennustein / Það er eins og hellt sé úr fötu
it’s raining fire and brimstone

Japanese– ??????? (doshaburi de aru)
earth and sand are falling

Korean– ?? ???? ????
rain is pouring down like a torrential downpour.

Macedonian– ???? ???? ???? ?? ????? (Pagja dožd kako od krbla)
it’s raining like from a tub.

Norwegian– Det regner trollkjerringer
it’s raining female trolls

Polish– Leje zabami
it’s raining frogs

Portuguese– Está chovendo barba de sapo
it’s raining toads’ beards

Slovak– Leje ako Padajú traktory
Tractors are falling

Spanish– Está lloviendo a chuzos
it’s raining pikes

Estan– lloviendo hasta maridos
It’s even raining husbands

Swedish– Det ösregnar
it’s raining like ladles

Turkish– Sicim gibi ya?mur ya??yor
it’s raining like long strings of rope

Welsh– Mae hi’n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn
it’s raining old ladies and sticks