He acts. He skateboards. He’s adorable.
Of course, he’s a dog.

There’s a lot of buzz building for 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier Uggie, who co-stars in the new movie, The Artist. Uggie won the Palm Dog 
prize at Cannes Film Festival, and many people think he deserves another award for his role in The Artist.
The Artist is a black and white silent movie about a silent movie actor who faces obstacles trying to break into the talking pictures.

Uggie has the sweetest face, and I can’t wait to check out the movie. 

According to an article on The Daily Beast, Uggie was exiled from his original family when he bit a goat. He was adopted by Omar von Muller, who saw the little dog’s potential for acting. Uggie also can be seen in Water for Elephants.

You can connect with Uggie on twitter  and check out his Facebook page Consider Uggie, “Moviland’s unofficial awards campaign for The Artist’s brilliant canine co-star, Uggie.”

Learn more about the movie, and watch a few tricks from Uggie!