FitDog Friday, co-hosted by Peggy’s Pet Place, Slimdoggy, and To Dog With Love! Let’s all be fit dogs!

Can a senior dog be a fit dog? Kelly thinks so! She’s 11 years old and still pretty spry for her age. She doesn’t chase tennis balls, but that’s because she’s a girly-girl and doesn’t like to fetch. But she loves to run, play tug and other games, and she adores jumping. Just watch!

Sometimes she gets a little too much oomph into her jump.

*While we’re here, I’d also like to ask for your vote for Dogtime’s Petties for my blog post after losing Brooks. We got a little support on that front from PetSmart Charities. Look what they posted on their Facebook Page!

Did you enjoy reading Peggy’s guest blog post about when to choose a pet after loss? Nominate her for a Pettie:

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