Photo borrowed from Little Dogs on Long Leashes blog.

Call it heatstroke, or maybe she was overtaxed on Take Your Dog to Work Day. But in her woof-out to friends yesterday, Kelly accidentally missed somebuddy very special.

So she’d like to take a moment today to send a very special WOOF to Georgia Little Pea, of
Little Dogs on Long Leashes.

* She borrowed your photo, I truly hope you don’t mind. She just wanted everyone to see how gorgeous you are.


Georgia, here are some reasons why you are so cool:

You are a very wise dog with lots of opinions
You are always honest
You keep watch over your Typist and make sure your Cushion’s lap is never cold.
You can climb steep stairs in a single bound
You appear to be always thinking deep thoughts
You write great blogs
Your ears are cute

Thank you again to all Kelly’s pals, and have a great Saturday!