If you could take a pledge promising to keep your pet healthy, would you?

But of course, you already do everything in your power to keep your pet healthy.

 So then, why should you take the pledge?
Answer–What if by taking the pledge you could also help shelter animals receive valuable health care products?

That’s exactly the case when you take
and the
American Humane Association’s
emBARK on Pet Health
Campaign pledge to embark on pet health! The simple
pledge is to schedule a “time out” and bone up on your pet’s health needs. For each pledge made, Sergeant’s will send
a pet product health kit to American Humane Association shelters. These
kits will go home with the newly adopted pets to help ensure their
health care regimen is off to a great start. 

Tiffani Theissen displays one of the kits.

 I took the pledge, and spent some time on the embarkonpethealth.com website. Here is some of the great information I found there:
* alternatives to tooth brushing
* the only reliable way to tell if my dog’s itchiness is a food allergy 

* how to get cats to exercise
* signs my dog has an allergy to pollens
* ways to control fleas and ticks
* what steps to take for a weekly health check

This month is Responsible Pet Owners Month. It’s the perfect time to emBARK on pet health. 
Take the pledge, and help new pet parents receive some great products to help improve their adopted pets health too.

Disclosure: I was compensated by Sergeant’s to participate in the emBARK on pet health campaign. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. See my full disclosure statement.

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