Look what the mailman 
brought us!
Yup, right in our very own mailbox. It all started a few months ago, when I read that First Dog Bo Obama was on a diet. Well, Kelly and I thought that Bo might just appreciate hearing from another dog who’s been on a diet, so we sent him off a nice letter and a complimentary copy of Dieting with My Dog. No political agenda. Just encouragement, dog to dog. If you missed it, we blogged about it here on Bo Obama, Did you Read my Book? 
I knew the President is too busy with business and elections and all and would never see the mail. That’s why we addressed it to Michelle and Bo. In my wildest dreams I hoped that some intern would open the package, and think it was such a great idea he’d direct it to the First Lady’s attention, who’d take one look at the book, exclaim at how clever it was, open the pages and become inspired by Kelly’s and my journey from fat to fit. Heck, maybe she’d even curl up by a fireplace somewhere and read chapters aloud to Bo.
At the least, I hoped to receive a signed photo of Bo!
But this is what we got. 
A form card, thanking us for our “gift.” I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but no one could even bother to fill in a blank space and at least write “book”? Plus, it would have been nice if they’d sent the reply from the person and/or dog I sent the “gift” to….I didn’t send the book to the President, I sent it to Michelle and Bo. It seems as though her staff could have sent a reply. Seriously. 
I’m sure the White House staff has better things to do. But obviously they have people who take care of sending out responses when they receive letters and gifts. It would be nice to think someone actually took the time to look at what was inside the envelope.
This is what Kelly thinks of it all!