We love delicious dog food, and we get served up some pretty tasty tidbits! How do we manage this?

Step 1: First, get Mom to order from Chewy.com. When it arrives (and it’s so fast! It only takes about two days to get to our doorstep!), be sure to investigate the delivery. (Yup! Looks good.)

Step 2: Mom ordered Whole Earth Farms Chicken and Turkey canned food. Sometimes Mom puts it atop our dry kibble. Since we’re seniors, we can’t chew as well as we used to when we had young pup choppers, so this really softens things up. Look real pathetic until Mom gives you some.

Step 3: Dance at Mom’s feet while she opens the can. Whining helps. Take a whiff– smell that delicious aroma! Whole Earth Farms is grain free and made with high quality natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives, flavors and colors either. See?

Step 4. Devour!  We can just taste that chicken, turkey, chicken liver, sweet potato, peas and carrots. Oh, Mom says it’s made in the USA too!

Step 5: Ask for more. Go ahead, it’s worth a try!


Step 6:
Repeat Step 2.

Wouldn’t you like to try some Whole Earth Farms wet dog food? They make dry food too. And yeah, they also make food for your feline friends (or enemies) (Oops, did I say that?)

*Full Disclosure: I was provided with 12 cans of Whole Earth Farms wet dog food in exchange for my honest review. This in no way influenced my opinions.