What can the shape of your dog’s treats tell you?
Well, in the case of EVO Wild Cravings, this is what they told me:

Circle is for Zero- as in, there are no grains.

Triangle reminds me of the Food Pyramid, which represents the high nutritional quality of Evo Wild Cravings– high protein, low carbohydrates, no empty calories. The first two ingredients and Beef and Lamb meal.

Bone is for biscuits that are crunchy and fun to chew, like a bone.


Heart is because you love your dog so much, you want him to have the healthiest treats.

Chewy.com offered Kelly, Ike and I the chance to review EVO Wild Cravings Red Meat Formula Grain Free Baked Dog Treats. Without a doubt, these are some of their favorite treats ever! The dogs are always enthusiastic about snacks, but I could barely get these out of the bag without them jumping and dancing and wagging their tails like crazy in anticipation. Do dogs like red meat? Yes, they do!

The size is just perfect for a little reward or treat without giving them too much– approximately
14 kcal/treat.

I’ve recently switched to grain-free food, so I’d been on the search
for grain-free treats as well…and we are very happy we found Wild
Cravings. We highly recommend these treats.

Full Disclosure: Chewy.com provided me with one bag of EVO Wild Cravings to
review. This in no way influenced my review.
Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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