I can’t live without my cell phone–seriously, I tote it around with me everywhere, even in the house. And I’ll even admit to leaving a message for Kelly once or twice on the home answering machine–to be clear, I don’t call specifically for her. Yet, the thought has never, ever crossed my mind to pay Verizon to get Kelly her own cell phone. But that’s exactly what some people are doing now, as PetsCells bring new meaning to the phrase “calling your dog.”

PetsCell, produced by Petsmobility, measures 5 inches by 3 inches, and is shaped like a bone. It’s designed to be attached to the dog’s collar. The owner dials the dog’s phone number (I’m serious!) and the phone automatically connects. A small speaker in the device allows the dog to hear his owner’s voice. Some owners feel that this may help reduce anxiety for their pets when they are away. Perhaps, however, this would confuse the dog and send them on a frenzied romp throughout the house, searching for Mom or Dad.

If so inclined and the dog barks back a message, the owner will hear that too on their own phone. I can only imagine the curious looks of co-workers as Mom sneaks a personal phone call home to Buster from her cubicle at work.

PetsCell inventor Cameron Robb says he imagines applications for the doggy-phone in search-and-rescue, military, guide dog or even potentially patient and elderly care, to name a few. Current PetsCell come with a GPS for tracking lost pets.