Here is my Big Green Chair in the furniture store showroom.

Here is my Big Green Chair in real life:

My family and the Big Green Chair

My chair is not empty like in the showroom. It’s full of dogs and people, blankets and pillows and books and cookie crumbs. This is where my dogs Kelly and Ike and I spend our special moments together.

Sure, we take walks together, and they’re great. And we get out in the yard and play fetch. And those times are special. We love keeping active and fit together. But the most special moments are when we are cuddled together in my Big Green Chair, snuggling, smooching, sometimes snoozing.

We each have our own place on the Big Green Chair. I get the side close to the little table where I can rest my book or beverage. Ike likes to lie on the ottoman, then he climbs up onto my lap.

Kelly is funny, because she prefers the highest spot.

We each have our own place and we each settle in there every evening, and tell each other about our day. I rub Ike’s ears. I reach up and pat Kelly. And I feel their warm bodies next to me, Ike warming my legs and Kelly warming my neck, and it is comforting and relaxing and peaceful.

There are times, of course, when it’s not so peaceful. Kelly is playful. Ike wants me to throw his tennis ball. If I’m trying to read, they stick their head in between me and the pages. If I’m working on the laptop they step on the keyboard. Times like these, all I can do is put aside my work and take a break and give them some attention. And usually they are right–it’s just what I needed.

There also was the time I wasn’t feeling well. I wrapped myself up in a blanket on my Big Green Chair. Before I knew it, the dogs joined me. It made me feel a lot better.

Currently, my husband is ill and in critical condition in the ICU. Every day I come home from the hospital and the first place I go is to my Big Green Chair. The dogs climb up beside me and their presence comforts me. Just knowing that they’re here for me helps me know I can get through anything.

My Big Green Chair may not look as pristine as it did in the showroom. The cushions are lopsided. The seat is covered with dog hair. But I like it better this way. Don’t you agree?

*Just after I wrote this, I saw this cartoon in the newspaper. Have they been spying on me?!

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