Yesterday I announced that we adopted a new dog, a 6 year old golden retriever we named Ike!

Our biggest concern is that our new dog would get along with Kelly. Kelly is a dominant female and a bit choosy about her friends. But she and Brooks got along, so we knew it was possible with another dog.

So…does Kelly like Ike?


The answer is …yes! At least, so far, we think so.

Kelly and Ike are together in the house all day, under our supervision for now. I won’t leave them alone together at all until I am sure that everything will be safe and secure. We learned a lot from our previous experiences. We don’t leave toys on the floor. We feed them separately. There have been very few issues between them. One time Ike jumped on the couch, and Kelly gave him just one woof, and he jumped back down.

A few times Ike tried to get fresh with her and she grumbled a bit, and he backed off.  Kelly usually doesn’t like another dog to have toys around her, but, as she did with Brooks, she doesn’t mind that Ike has his tennis balls and we can throw them in the house or in the yard, and she doesn’t react at all. It’s been funny watching Ike try to play with her, she isn’t quite sure what to make of that. But it hasn’t escalated into anything negative.

 So we have every confidence that they will continue to get along just fine. The rescue group gives us a two week “trial period” so we have one more week before it is official. I wanted to wait until that time to share the good news with you, but I couldn’t wait. We’re just having so much fun, and happy to include Ike into our family!